Key Factors Of A Successful Tech Product

Episode 2: The Art Of Building An App With 360 Design

At Buzinga, we’ve researched 50 of the most successful tech companies and products to understand what it is about them that’s made them so successful.

What’s made them so special? What technologies and concepts have they leveraged to get to where they are?

What we came up with was ’10 Key Factors’ that these companies have leveraged that’s contributed to their success.

We’ve researched companies including Snapchat, Instagram, Google Maps & Facebook, and turned our findings into a 10 part Youtube series.

Our findings have been turned into a highly successful whitepaper – The Key Factors Of A Successful Tech Product – which you can download by clicking on the image at the bottom of this blog.

If you haven’t watched Episode 1 of the series – make sure you watch it here first.

In this second episode I talk in depth about the second factor:

360 Design

When most people think of apps they think of a piece of software that sits on your phone. Scrap that belief and replace it with this:

“Your application exists in the cloud. It’s accessible through various different interfaces; Smartphone, Smartwatch, tablet, PC, just to name a few.”

All these devices are relevant, but the behaviour has changed. With the introduction of mobile, people no longer wait to check their Facebook notifications until they get home. And the commercialisation of Smartwatches means they can now check messages on the fly without their phones.

Look at the native iOS notification system that allows you to view and reply to a message without opening the messaging app.

Human behaviour isn’t linear, it’s dynamic. So you need to think of design in the same fashion; 360 Design.

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