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Give your customers unprecedented
access to your brand through
Augmented Reality.

We specialise in the development of engaging and intuitive products,
using the latest technologies such as Augmented Reality
to create mobile and web applications that deliver superior
customer experiences.

Compelling advantages of augmented reality.

  1. Perception: Implementing Augmented Reality practices enhances public (and internal) perception of a business as innovative and committed to staying on the cutting edge. This can be a powerful source of competitive advantage.
  2. Engagement: Augmented Reality takes content to the next level of engagement. Marketing solutions that have an AR component will result in greater reach and engagement with customers. As Pokemon Go and Snapchat filters have shown us, these solutions have the potential to go viral.
  3. Customer on-boarding: User guides, processes and step-by-step instructions are much more informative and compelling when presented via augmented video.
  4. Employee training: Wearable AR devices allow employees to be better prepared for practical tasks they may face on the job.

Check out this article featured in Business Insider by our Co-Founder Logan Merrick:
Beyond Pokemon Go; The Real Profitable Business Applications of Augmented Reality

How we work.

AR presents a huge opportunity to create sophisticated business tools that deliver a far superior level of engagement with the end user. There is no stopping the permeation of AR into every business and marketing function. The worst thing you can do is dismiss AR as ‘too complicated’, or ‘irrelevant’ to your business.

Our goal is to design applications that dynamically integrate AR technology with creative yet functional innovations. We work closely with our clients to develop applications that ensure high impact engagement and fluid augmentation and information processing.

User Journey Mapping

Journey mapping & strategic planning.

To ensure we build and design the best product for your end user, we begin by workshopping the key objectives of the project. Then we step into the shoes of your user and map out the journey from ‘awareness’ to ‘engaged customer’.

Rapid Prototyping

User engagement optimisation.

Our design team will create a prototype for the purpose of testing and garnering feedback from real people. We’ll then incorporate that feedback into the development of your mobile application to ensure the final result is the best it can be.

Steel Drive

Award winning solutions.

Whether it’s mobile, web or a wearable tech application, we pride ourselves in delivering spectacular outcomes. Buzinga is known for its award winning solutions, and we look forward to bringing this level of thinking to your project.

Marianne McGhee

Allis Technology

“It’s great to have worked alongside developers that are experienced and professional
in addition to demonstrating a passion for what they do. Buzinga have brought a
unique flare in producing an app such as ‘ScrubUp’ which captures the attention of its users.

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