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About Buzinga App Development.

Buzinga is Australia’s leading user engagement focused app development agency.
We specialise in designing and executing award-winning mobile experiences for
businesses with large customer bases who are looking to scale and create a standout presence
in their competitive markets.

Anthill Winner
BRW Fast Starters Top 100
Job Advisor Top 10
Coolest Workplace In Australia

“We believe that technology is the new frontier of human evolution.
And with every solution we ship we push humanity one step forward.
We think this is exciting enough to make it our profession.”

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We are Australia’s leading user engagement-focused app development agency. We specialise in designing and executing award-winning mobile experiences for businesses with large customer bases who are looking to scale and create a standout presence in their competitive markets.

To date, over 300 businesses from all over Australia and in 5 different countries have worked with us to create NEW revenue streams, find NEW customers and enter NEW markets. In 2017 our business was acquired by The Butterfly Group.

Our award winning design portfolio includes wins at the 2014, 2015 and 2016 App Design Awards and is accompanied by an award winning company culture. We were recently recognised by JobAdvisor as amongst the Top 10 Coolest Tech Companies in 2016 & previously in 2015, also recognised by BRW as a Top 100 Australian Fast Starter and won Anthill’s Coolest Companies Award for Mobile Business in 2015, and Savvy Service Business in 2016.

Our Values.

Fun and happiness.

We believe that fun and happiness manifests creativity, productivity and optimises personal and business performance.


We encourage our people to find where they excel and what they love, so they can focus on working within their zone of genius to maximise results for all.

Positive change.

We believe in building products that solve real problems with positive and measurable outcomes.

Entrepreneurship and innovation.

We use an entrepreneurial and innovative approach to deliver better outcomes and exceptional user experience.


We always aim to deliver incredible value for the time and money invested.


We always strive to do the right thing by our clients, staff and other stakeholders to ensure we develop long term relationships built on both trust and respect.


Personal development and continued learning is a key part of our culture and core to our success.


We encourage and promote a healthy lifestyle and mental wellbeing, where prevention and proactivity are primary consideration


Enthusiasm and individualism are essential to our diverse and unified culture.


We rate 5/5 stars on Job Advisor based on 45 reviews

“Positive vibes, great work place!”

Project Manager


Business Analyst

“Never a dull moment…”

UX Designer

“Growing, challenging, exciting!”

Project Manager

“Explosion of Creativity”

Software Engineer

“Awesome place to work at!”

Software Engineer

“Buzinga Cool Development”

Marketing Coordinator

“Best Workplace”

“Great Vibes”

Senior Project Manager

“My Gateway Into A Career”

Marketing Intern

“Love This Place”

Lead iOS Developer

“Happy days Mon-Fri”


“Hear the news! Buzinga’s the news!”

Business Development Manager

“Making the coolest stuff.”

Product Designer

“Love working here!”

UI Designer

“Who knew Monday would be the best day of the week?”

Project Manager

“Bah-Zing-Gah! Super cool place to be!”

Business Analyst

“Buzinga – The Australian Google”

DevOps Engineer

“It’s like being part of a 2nd family. Feel amazing!”

Full Stack Designer

“Magnetic and fun culture”

Android Developer

“The Australian Google”

Senior Project Manager

“The most rewarding job, I’ve ever had!”

Senior UI Designer

“Awesome Team of People”

Project Manager

“Fun Place to Work”

Project Manager

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