Key Factors Of A Successful Tech Product 3

Episode 3: How To Build A Mobile App That’s As Fast As Schumacher

As the mobile app industry reaches the 7th year since it’s inception, there’s no longer a lingering mystery of how an app becomes successful.

It’s hit the 7th year itch! And companies are really starting to ramp up their strategies, using mobile technology to disrupt traditional industries.

We all know how confused the Australian government is about regulating Uber and Airbnb. (It’s hilarious watching them squirm.)

As app developers, we now have the luxury of being able to research successful tech products in order to understand the key to their success.

At Buzinga we wanted to know what are the ‘key factors of a successful tech product.’

We researched 50 of the most successful tech companies and products to understand what it is about them that’s made them thrive!

What’s made them so special? What technologies and concepts have they leveraged to get to where they are?

We’ve researched companies including Snapchat, Instagram, Google Maps & Facebook, and turned our findings into a 10 part Youtube series.

Our findings have been turned into a highly successful whitepaper – The Key Factors Of A Successful Tech Product – which you can download by clicking on the image at the bottom of this blog.

If you haven’t watched Episode 1 & 2 of the series – make sure you watch them here first! Let me know what you think!

In this episode I factor number 3:


How To Build A Mobile App That Is As Fast As Schumacher….

Put bluntly… You CANNOT productise slow technology anymore.

The expectation isn’t fast, it’s lightning fast…!

If you’re unsure, make sure you consult your developer about speed and ensure they have the right understanding of system architecture.

Saying that, make sure you employ a developer who actually knows how to build a fast app and other related app products.

You need to build an app that will give Schumacher a run for his money.

App users won’t wait 7 – 8 mins for your app to load like they did a few years ago.

If it doesn’t load within a few seconds, I guarantee they’ll leave your app straight away.

There’s so much more to talk about in regards to speed, so stop reading and start watching!

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Logan Merrick is the co-founder and Director of Buzinga, as well as one of Australia's most recognised entrepreneurs, keynote speakers, investors and mentors. His writing on startups, technology and mobile marketing has been featured in The Australian, Business Insider, Startup Smart, Smart Company, and more.