05: The 5 App Metrics That Are Crucial To Your Success

05: The 5 App Metrics That Are Crucial To Your Success

In this episode I’m talking about the 5 app metrics that you must improve in order to boost your app’s performance.

“It’s not enough anymore to just capture data – everyone is collecting data, and most people aren’t doing anything with it.” Matt Denman, City Lead and Data Nerd at Uber Melbourne – at our 1st Pollination event.

Vanity metrics like downloads aren’t indicative of how much users are actually engaging in your app.

Measuring your app’s success is about more than watching the number of downloads increase!

You need to be analysing and comparing a range of data to really boost your app’s performance – this data will form the backbone of your future app updates and marketing strategies.

I know as well as anyone that it’s easy to fall into a deep hole of ‘analysis paralysis’ where you feel so overwhelmed by numbers you can’t get out and see the light.

If you focus on improving these five metrics then you’ll be on your way to releasing valuable and effective app updates in the future.

In this episode I’ll cover:

  1. Acquisition metrics
  2. Engagement metrics
  3. Behaviour metrics
  4. Quality metrics
  5. Retention metrics

We’ll unpack what each of these mean (without getting too technical, don’t worry!) plus how you can improve each of these.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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Enjoy the episode and let me know what you’d like me to talk about in the next one!

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