Stages Of App Development

VIDEO: The 5 Stages Of App Development

Apps, Beers & Disruption

Why? Because the most disruptive ideas are always conceived over a beer with your mates. (Or a wine, or an orange juice, whatever you drink when you socialise.)

Welcome to episode 2 of Apps, Beers & Disruption.

Dan Portelli and I have put together this weekly YouTube show inspired by you guys, talking all things mobile apps, startups and entrepreneurship.

We wanted to share with you our knowledge and passion for building tech products.

And with the recent launch of the Apple Watch there’s no better time to talk about ‘disruption.’

If there’s anything you want us to talk about, please comment below, we’d love to cover your question in one of our shows!

In this episode, we talk you through the 5 stages of mobile app development.

Building an app isn’t easy. There’s no ‘Get Rich Quick Scheme’ involved.

It took Instagram over 3 years before they got it right, and years later they’re still improving and updating the app every single day.

Before you start planning your early retirement for when Facebook buys you out, there’s a lot of work that must go into it before you can even think about the money.

What we discuss in this video, is the process that’s involved when building an app.

This is often a grey area if you’re not in the industry.

Hopefully if you know a bit more about what’s involved, you’ll be ready to put in the hard yards and you won’t waste any of your precious time or money.

If you want to read about this in more detail, check out this blog post.

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Here it is: The 5 Stages Of Mobile App Development.


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