The Beginners Guide To Mobile Application Marketing

So, you’ve got a great app idea. But do you know how to market it?

Most people don’t.

“37% of businesses say they failed because of poor or insufficient marketing.”  Smart Company >tweet<

Let me tell you a secret:

What separates hugely successful companies like Apple from average Joe’s is Apple’s ability to market their products. It has very little to do with the product itself.

Sure it’s sleek and stylish, and works well. But other than that it’s no better than most other computers. Yet I’ll happily pay 2-3 times the standard price of a laptop for a Mac Book.

That’s the power of marketing.

I’m of the belief that business is marketing.

It’s about identifying a problem. Understanding the person who experiences the  problem. Then providing a solution to the problem.

With the help of my team here at Buzinga App Development I’ve put together a detailed 3,000 word guide that breaks down the steps you need to take and questions you need to ask yourself to build a successfully marketed application.

Here’s what you’re going to get in The Beginners Guide To Mobile Application Marketing:

  1. Chapter 1: Get Crystal Clear On Your User – I’ll give you the same framework that professional marketers use to identify the needs and the wants of their target audience. This will help you hone the solution and create a powerful product. This should be done before mobile app development starts.
  2. Chapter 2: Hone Your Strategy – Design the perfect offer to attract the right people to your app. You have what they desperately want. So what words will you use to express that?
  3. Chapter 3: Set Up Your Marketing Tactics – This is all about the places where you find your customers and the way you engage with them. Where are your customers hanging out online and how can we reach them?
  4. Chapter 4: Define Your Product Structure – You can deliver your product in 1,000+ different ways. But which of these ways is going to be most effective? And how do we determine this without making costly mistakes in the meantime?
  5. Chapter 5: Your Control Framework – The point of marketing is not tell lots of people what you do. It’s about getting to know your users and learning how to solve their problems.

Click here to read The Beginners Guide To Mobile Application Marketing.


Look at this blog. It attracts hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world who read and share the content. And as our readers spread our content, the Buzinga brand is further established as an international entity.

As a result we’re attracting thousands of enterprises, startups and companies who want to work on us in any of the following ways:

  • One-on-one consulting
  • Product/Software design and development
  • On going IT support
  • And more.

Providing that you have a good product, marketing is the best and most effective way to build a successful business.

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Logan Merrick is the co-founder and Director of Buzinga, as well as one of Australia's most recognised entrepreneurs, keynote speakers, investors and mentors. His writing on startups, technology and mobile marketing has been featured in The Australian, Business Insider, Startup Smart, Smart Company, and more.