the ultimate 2015 app store optimisation cheat sheet

Infographic: The Ultimate 2015 App Store Optimisation Cheat Sheet

With 63% of all new apps getting discovered by ‘general browsing’ on the app store, how highly your app ranks for certain keywords and categories is the difference between a new user and a missed opportunity.

App store optimisation (ASO) is the process of optimising certain aspects of your app so it ranks higher in app store search, and is therefore easier to discover.

The ultimate goal is to drive traffic to your app’s page and get more downloads.

ASO is a constantly evolving practice, as Apple and Google’s app store algorithms are updated regularly (and often mysteriously).

This app store optimisation cheat sheet is for you to quickly refer to when optimising the 6 biggest ASO elements in 2015:

  1. App name
  2. icon
  3. description
  4. keywords
  5. screenshots
  6. ratings and reviews

For detailed information on how to optimise each of these aspects, download our free e-book: The Marketer’s Guide To App Store Optimisation

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The Ultimate App Store Optimisation Cheat Sheet for 2015


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