ep 14: Why You Absolutely Need A Mentor

Ep 14: Why You Absolutely Need A Mentor

I have 5 mentors.

These were each carefully chosen to reflect the components of my business and life that I want to improve at.

  1. Marketing
  2. Sales
  3. Operations
  4. General Business
  5. Spirituality and well being

Of course, you can still be successful without a mentor. But simply put, mentorship helps you fast track your success.

The times when I didn’t have one, my life stood still and didn’t really go anywhere.

I’m a big advocate for learning in any and every way possible – reading articles, listening to podcasts, attending conferences…These are all great ways to constantly improve yourself and your business.

However, having a great mentor will trump all of these any day of the week. You can’t go past advice that is tailored to you!

Mentorship is a topic I’m really passionate about and I want to demystify it a bit more in this episode so you can start searching for your perfect mentor.

In this episode I’ll cover:

  • The 5 priceless benefits of having a mentor
  • The difference between the 3 types of mentors: The Coach, The Motivator and The Big Brother
  • What the ideal mentor/mentee situation looks like, and how you can strive to emulate it
  • Why you definitely SHOULD pay your mentor for their time (it’s worth the investment, trust me!)

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Logan Merrick is the co-founder and Director of Buzinga, as well as one of Australia's most recognised entrepreneurs, keynote speakers, investors and mentors. His writing on startups, technology and mobile marketing has been featured in The Australian, Business Insider, Startup Smart, Smart Company, and more.