5 Strategies For Beating The Post-Launch Slump In Downloads

5 Crucial Hacks For Beating The Post-Launch Slump In App Downloads

This is a snippet of a guest post I wrote for AT&T Developer. Click here to read the full post! 

It happens to the best of us. You’ve finally launched your app after months or even years of hard work, and you watch as people start to download it on the app store.

Filled with hope, you think, ‘Excellent! Steady growth, everything is as planned.”

And then, after a week, a month, or several months… crickets. You’re not getting any downloads anymore. What happened?

This ‘post-launch slump’ is actually a very common pattern in app development.

There is some recent evidence from data collected by Sensor Tower that the app stores give new apps a short-lived boost in ranking for their keywords in the first seven days of launch.

After that, they experience a steep drop. In this one example from Sensor Tower the app ranked in the top 10 for the first few days, before settling into the #40 or #50 range.


Sensor Tower slump in downloads


Even disregarding the 7 day boost, it’s perfectly normal to have downloads slow down after the initial hype of a launch wears off.

5 Strategies to Combat the Post Launch Slump

No one wants this to happen to his or her app, but what steps can be taken to minimize its impact?

Today I’m proposing five strategies you can use to avoid the post-launch slump that occurs in app downloads.

  1. Choose keywords strategically
  2. Mobilise your existing users
  3. Under promise and over deliver
  4. Revisit your acquisition channels
  5. Ramp up your outreach efforts

Read the full post here.

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