MIME on Opportunities for MedTech Businesses In Australia

MIME Presents: Opportunities For MedTech Businesses In Australia | Pollinate Melbourne

Heather St John is COO at Monash Institute of Medical Engineering (MIME), a multi-disciplinary network of researchers, engineers and clinicians with the mission to lead discovery and innovation in the development of new medical technologies.

We invited Heather to speak at Pollinate Melbourne: Avoiding Failure From Ideation to Commercialisation in September 2016 about the current state and future of MedTech, particularly relating to new businesses.

In this presentation you’ll learn:

  • The trends and drivers of MedTech in Australia.
  • MIME’s ‘sweet spot’ in MedTech innovation, from which 3 pillars come together to create breakthrough technologies and devices.
  • How MIME seed funding works and the opportunities provided for new MedTech businesses.

Watch below:

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