Melbourne Accelerator Program On How Startups Can Accelerate Failure

Melbourne Accelerator Program On How Startups Can Accelerate Failure | Pollinate Melbourne

Maxine Lee is Accelerator Manager at Melbourne Accelerator Program (MAP), a leading entrepreneurship program that supports early stage ventures by connecting them to resources and networks in the global startup community.

We invited Maxine to speak at Pollinate Melbourne: Avoiding Failure From Ideation to Commercialisation in September 2016 about how startups can accelerate failure to uncover new, profitable opportunities on the other side.

In this presentation you’ll learn:

  • MAP’s stance on failure, and how startups can fail faster to become better informed.
  • Red flags that your startup is about to fail – Including how to know if you’re a solution looking for a problem
  • Case study: How NoteExchange went from 30% month on month growth to failure in less than a year, and key learnings from their journey.

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