ep 09: What investors want, where they're hiding, and how to impress them

09: What Investors Want, Where They’re Hiding, And How To Impress Them

In this episode, I’m discussing at a high level the key factors that will allow you to raise funds for your app startup.

The format is very different to my normal episodes, so please let me know what you think…

Getting a new business off the ground is an expensive process.

Most people don’t have hundreds of thousands in cash lying around, so they hit the investment circuit at various times in the development process.

It’s never been a better time in Australia to seek startup investment (thankyou, #IdeasBoom), so you have an advantage to look forward to already!

In this episode I’ll cover:

1.CONFIDENCE – Why it’s everything, and how to get more of it.

2.How to plan for getting investment and breaking it up into stages.

3.How much does an MVP cost? Why you should never ask this question.

4.What being unique actually means, and why competitors don’t matter.

5.Where are the investors hiding? Spoiler: You already know dozens.

6.Team. What hard skills and structure do investors want to see if your founding team?

Resources mentioned in this episode:

None! But if this is a topic you’re interested in you should definitely make use of these resources:

Where to go next:

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Logan Merrick is the co-founder and Director of Buzinga, as well as one of Australia's most recognised entrepreneurs, keynote speakers, investors and mentors. His writing on startups, technology and mobile marketing has been featured in The Australian, Business Insider, Startup Smart, Smart Company, and more.