How To Build A Successful Mobile App

Episode 8: Customer Service & Feedback Tools For Mobile Apps

You can build the most useful, greatest and epic tech product on this planet.

But none of this glory even beings to matter if you have terrible customer service.

Customer service has become more prevalent than ever…

Competition in the tech industry is cut-throat, and what separates the great, from the failures, is their ability to actively listen to their users.

Not only does it show a great level of respect, it also shows that you genuinely care.

And when you care, people feel more engaged and part of your company.

Millennials aren’t looking for the ‘coolest’ or ‘biggest’ brands like the generation before us, we want to use products and services that we connect with on a personal level.

And nothing assists building a personal connection more than real customer service; listening to real problems and offering real solutions.

Did you know that customer service skills can integrate into an application?

Check out this article I wrote about great customer service and feedback tools for mobile apps.

The most successful tech companies, have outstanding customer service.

Let’s take Facebook’s fantastic customer service as an example:

Real people answer your questions, not some robot that identifies keywords and sends you a tutorial link… [No thanks Google]

The other day I was having issues with one our Facebook ads, and within 3 hours, a guy named Blake had messaged me back with a real solution and answer to the issue I was having.

His message even included “Feel free to shoot me back a message if this didn’t make sense.”

Seriously… WOW!

Mark Zuckerberg has ensured that his staff genuinely care about making sure customers are happy, listened to and looked after.

Look at your own customers and ask yourself, what level of customer service do I want to stand for?

FREAKING AMAZING or … frustratingly slow / non-responsive.

I implore you to set your standards as high as can from the get-go.

We can’t expect our software products to not be buggy.

But, there will be problems your customers expected app to solve.

And that feedback, is an opportunity for you to actually improve your product!

So make sure you have a simple, easy avenue for your users to leave you feedback.

Remember these 3 points when it comes to mobile app customer service:

1. You must build a strong and personal cohesion between your app users and your business.

2. See complaints as an opportunity for creating a new solution / a winning app update.

3. Turn your angry user into a raging fan – implement their ideas.

Check out this video for more information on customer service and feedback tools for mobile apps.

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