Key Features of a Successful Tech Product Episode 4

Episode 4: What Does Scalability Actually Mean For Tech Startups?


‘Scalability’ is one of those buzz-words that have caught on fire in the mobile application development tech community.

But it’s a very high level term and most people don’t dig down into what it actually means.

If you de-construct scalability in the context of software products you’ll find that the term is broken down into these 5 critical factors:


Is the application able to scale using its current code base and server setup?

If not, how much load can it take and when will it need to be replaced?


Will your app monetisation strategy allow you to achieve a sustainable ROI per user?

This may seem like a simple question but is often overlooked. What happens if you have to pay $5.00 for every critical user?

That means your average critical user needs to generate more than $5.00.

Does your current monetisation strategy support that?


Is the product lifecycle long enough to allow for massive scalability?

Can you try to estimate your product lifecycle? Allow for at least 5 years – that’s enough time to get in, make the most of it and reinvent yourself in this ever changing market.


Are the costs of running your business going to scale at the same rate as your revenue? Look at staffing, hosting, advertising, etc.

Eventually you should get to a point where the growth of these costs begin to slow down and you start to enjoy the economies of scale.


Going back to point 1, is your market big enough to build a scalable business? Do some research. Get an understanding of what your market looks like.

In this episode, I talk about why you need to consider these 5 factors during the evaluation stage and the design process to make sure that you build a business that is truly scalable.

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