Hilarious App Release Notes

“Who Even Reads These?” Top 10 Hilarious App Release Notes

“Who even reads these?”

It’s what many app developers think to themselves when they write app update release notes.

An app that cares about continually engaging its users will release updates regularly –  to fix bugs, optimise user experience and launch new features.

But most app developers don’t care about telling users exactly ‘what’s new in version 5.14‘, because more often than not it isn’t that flashy.

boring app update release notes



Humour is one of the most effective ways for an app to stand out in its communications, if it’s part of their brand voice.

If someone is actually reading these updates they’re already a highly engaged user, so humour is a nice way to entertain your loyal customers.

The next 10 apps use brilliant copywriting to jazz up even the dullest of improvements in their release notes.

10. Transit App

Owned up to the fact that they don’t know what time zones are.

transit app release notes funny


9. Annotate

Rhyming poems and calling its users ‘fools’ is all in a day’s work for Annotate’s developers.

annotate release notes funny


8. Yo

Yo is ridiculous and serves no purpose. At least it knows this.

Yo funny release note

7. City Mapper

City Mapper proves that even utility apps can be exciting.

city mapper funny release note


6. Slack

Slack is famous for ensuring every update is hilarious. Here is their current release note for Mac Slack (click to enlarge it!)

slack funny release notes

5. Letterpress

Props to Letterpress for recognising that code is ‘gnarly’ and most users don’t understand it.

letterpress app funny release notes

4. Manual

Who doesn’t love to be loved?

camera plus funny app release note

3. Tumblr

Someone on Tumblr’s development team clearly moonlights as a novelist (click to enlarge).

Tumblr funny app release note


2. YPlan

I’m not even sure what those last 3 updates are about.

Yplan funny app release note

1. Medium

This update was legendary, sparking much debate as to whether Peter really exists.

Peter crops up in most of Medium’s frankly ridiculous release notes. They have all been published here.

Medium funny app release note

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Leah is the digital content producer at Buzinga. Obsessed with reading and writing about apps, she trawls the internet for all things weird and wonderful in mobile tech.
  • Stephen Hawking

    So buzzfeed, so contemporary.

  • Great examples, thanks for sharing Leah! And, my love for Tumblr has just became bigger :-P

    • Leah Godden

      Hi Katarzyna, sorry for the (very) late reply! Glad you liked the article :) The Tumblr one is my favourite too, hope the author writes a romance novel some time soon.

  • Steve Jobs

    Wow, even from the grave this blog was really insightful! Wish I could have had this kind of innovative thinking when I was alive.