the social media playbook for app developers

Just Launched: The Social Media Playbook For App Developers

You know what’s exciting about a new month? A new ebook at Buzinga!

Our gift to you this March is the stunning Social Media Playbook For App Developers.

Our marketing department have put this playbook together because we were frustrated that there is so much out there on social media tactics, but nothing specific to app developers.

We tend to see astounding examples of social media marketing from big brands selling physical products, with huge budgets to support their TV and print strategies.

Sadly, there isn’t a lot of inspiration out there for the ‘lean and mean’ startup app developer.

This is surprising to me, because there are fewer barriers to using this marketing tool than any other.

It’s cheap and has the potential for enormous reach and engagement with a targeted audience.

By the end of this playbook, you’ll have a clear understanding of how to use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to boost app downloads, increase user engagement, and make noise about your app online.

You could even go viral!

ARE YOU READY FOR SOCIAL MEDIA MASTERY? Click the image below to receive your free copy of the Social Media Playbook!


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Katelyn has nearly a decade of experience in sales and customer service management. Working with some of Australia’s leading brands, she understands from the front-line the fundamentals of creating a successful marketing strategy to attract and retain loyal customers; a key goal for the launch of any new app.