Quiz: How Boss Is Your App's First-Version Launch Strategy?

QUIZ: Are You Ready For Your App’s First Launch?

Think you’ve got a pretty good pre-launch marketing setup?

We find startups are often confused as to the difference between ‘product launch’ and ‘marketing’.

If you’re about to launch the first version of your app so you can gain valuable feedback from real users on your MVP, you need to take this quiz!

It’ll reveal whether your marketing tactics are in line with the goal of your first-version launch strategy.

For help answering these questions and creating a detailed marketing plan, download our Startup Marketing Plan Template.

Become a boss. Put together a powerful marketing plan with our template below…

Startup Marketing template

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Katelyn has nearly a decade of experience in sales and customer service management. Working with some of Australia’s leading brands, she understands from the front-line the fundamentals of creating a successful marketing strategy to attract and retain loyal customers; a key goal for the launch of any new app.