ep 08: 4 ways to double your startup profits

08: 4 Ways To Double Your Startup Profits

In this episode I’m talking about the 4 levers you can…
50 Dangerous (and all too common) mistakes entrepreneurs make when building mobile apps

50 Dangerous (And All Too Common) Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make When Building Mobile Apps

Software is a dynamic industry, with customer expectations constantly…
7 questions most startup founders are scared sh$tless to ask about app development

7 Questions Most Startup Founders Are Scared Sh$tless To Ask About App Development

App development can be a pretty daunting industry for first-timers. There…
why no one should EVER build an app as a freelance project

Should You Build Your App Yourself? 5 Things You Need To Know First

We've all had a great app idea once or twice, right? Followed…
ep 07: 10 fatal commandments of building a startup

07: 10 Important Lessons For Building A Startup

More of a visual person? Watch this episode with the slides…
Quiz: Is your app idea crash hot or total rubbish?

Quiz: Is Your App Idea CRASH HOT or TOTAL RUBBISH?

Mobile app development isn't cheap. After you've overcome…
5 growth hacks startups can steal from pinterest

Growth Hack: How Pinterest Soared to a $3.8B Valuation Before Making A Cent

I hear conflicting advice all the time about what targets are…

How to Pick the Perfect App Name

This post is the first in a 5 part series on App Store Optimisation…
5 concrete ways to reduce your mobile app marketing costs

5 Concrete Ways To Slash Your Mobile App Marketing Costs by 100%

Marketing your app requires a significant investment in time…
06: 5 Low hanging fruits to skyrocket your app marketing

06: 5 'Low Hanging Fruits' To Skyrocket Your Mobile App Marketing

In this episode I’m talking about the 5 cheapest, leanest…
5 Strategies For Beating The Post-Launch Slump In Downloads

5 Crucial Hacks For Beating The Post-Launch Slump In App Downloads

This is a snippet of a guest post I wrote for AT&T Developer.…

Launch Hack: How To Get 100,000 Downloads in a Month

So you're building an app. Have you thought about what you…
Different types of apps app developers need to know

Different Types Of Apps That App Developers Need To Know About

Thanks to the increasing affordability of smartphones across…
Startup Funding

Learn How This Daring Entrepreneur Raised Over Half a Million Dollars in Funding Before Launching A Product

Founder of Bumbl Shopping Lee Hardham was one of the speakers at…
Start Mesh

Insider Startup Investment Tips From Venture Capitalist and Global Accelerator StartMesh

In this presentation Richard Webb from StartMesh shared with…