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Ex-Baggage Handlers turned Entrepreneurs partnered with us to develop, design,
and launch innovative item-sharing app, 
Rack, following investment from AFL players.

 AFL players back disruptive Rack app, developed by ex-baggage handlers turned tech entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs and former baggage handlers for Virgin Australia, Ben Morris and Danijel Jefic have launched disruptive mobile app Rack which is set to light the online consumerism world on fire.

No longer wanting to ‘work for the man’, Morris and Jefic set out to explore their entrepreneurial spirit and take on Instagram, with the grand vision to fundamentally change the way people shop and share.

Rack enables consumers to show off what’s in their ‘Rack’ – what they are buying and where they’re buying it from in a simple user friendly layout. It also allows users to add items to their own ‘want list’ eliminating the problem of not knowing what gift to buy someone.

From idea to branding, design, development and launch.

The journey began in early 2015 when Morris and Jefic approached Buzinga with the idea for Rack, looking for a technical delivery partner to support the product development from concept to launch. 

From go-to-market strategy, all the way through UX and UI, to branding and development, we worked with Rack to deliver and launch their Minimum Viable Product.

Backed by investment from AFL players, the first version app has launched with a bang with no marketing dollars investments.

Rack’s investors include Brandon Ellis from Richmond FC, Tommy Sheridan from Fremantle FC, Jonathan O’Rourke from Hawthorn FC and Model Cameron Manuel.

Jason Couts, Lead Project Manager at Buzinga, shared with B&T magazine “Working with the Rack team has been an exciting process as Ben and Danijel look to fundamentally change how we shop. With the MVP just gone live, and the app’s rapid success so far, we’ve been able to draw some incredibly valuable insights into where the app can be optimised, and look forward to continually improving the product as it grows in impact and popularity.”

Within its first three days of launching and with no paid marketing, Rack was downloaded over 1,000 times, achieved a 5-star rating and eclipsed 500,000 sessions in the first month – an Australian industry anomaly.

“For us, our core focus is on building a product that people love and want to use everyday. We were sick of experiencing and hearing all the time, ‘I saw these shoes on Instagram but I have no idea what the brand is or where we can buy it from.’ Rack solves that problem.”

Early adopters include Australian fashion icon and media personality Didier Cohen, with a-list stylists flocking to the platform to share their season favourites.

The term “What’s in your Rack?” has been coined by users.

With this app the ‘bare minimum’ of its functionality, following the startup Minimum Viable Product roadmap, future app iterations in the pipeline will fundamentally change the way consumers shop and share their belongings with the world. 

Rack on Instagram

Rack Instagram

Ben Morris & Danijel Jefic


“From the start, we’ve had the right team on board with our technical partner and our investors and advisors.
Buzinga understood exactly what we were trying to achieve and why. They’ve been a fantastic partner,
and with the further support from our AFL investors, we’re thrilled with the success of Rack to date,
and are excited about where the product and business are going.”

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