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We build magnificent mobile experiences for iPhones and iPad development.

Our iOS mobile app development process.

Our development process is a hybrid between Waterfall Methodology and Agile Methodology.

Traditionally, Agile has caused issues for both the customer and the app developer because there is a lack of structure and boundaries, on both parts.

On the other hand, Waterfall is too rigid without any flexibility for creativity.

Our Method combines the flexibility of Agile with the fast development timelines of Waterfall, allowing you to get to market quickly with the best possible product.

Our UX/UI design team are experts in designing for all devices, including iPhone, iPad, iPod, Windows Phone, Android (all models), Web (HMTL5 & more).

Market insights.

It’s no lie that iPhone users (a) use more apps, (b) buy more apps, and (c) spend more in apps.

In fact, the vast majority of money transacted across the mobile operating system’s native payment gateways is via iOS (iPhone and iPad).

iPhone app development has been the most lucrative development path by far, constituting nearly 70% of total mobile app developers.

In saying that, Android app development is ever on the rise, with a 50% penetration rate in Australia and 78% worldwide. That makes it worth keeping an eye on.

Android or iPhone app development?

“Whilst working with one of our app development experts you will learn about the different platforms, and they will quickly help you work out which direction is best for your mobile strategy roadmap to start with. In some instances it will make sense to develop for both Android & iPhone at the same time.”

Logan Merrick

Logan Merrick, Strategic Director

Sue Albert


“Buzinga not only delivered to a very tight deadline, but I knew from our first conversation
that they really cared about their clients. This was evident when the Director of the
company returned my call at 6:30pm and put together a team to assist in meeting our deadline.”

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