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Bupa, The George Institute and Buzinga launch internationally acclaimed health app,
FoodSwitch used by 1 in 10 Australians, #1 on the app store and rolled out in six countries and counting.”

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Bupa, The George Institute and Buzinga launch internationally  acclaimed health app, Foodswitch used by 1 in 10 Australians,  #1 on the app store and rolled out in six countries and counting.

In February 2014, it was announced that Buzinga was the new technology partner of The George Institute (TGI).

Recognised as one of the world’s top innovative initiatives, Foodswitch is a revolutionary mobile application de-bunking the package food market.

Pioneered by The George Institute for Global Health and Australia’s-own Bupa health insurance, Foodswitch uses leading scientific information and technology to deliver immediate, easy to understand nutritional information that encourages users to switch to healthier options.

Bupa and the George Institute
iPhone Foodswitch

Foodswitch hosts the largest online packaged food database in the world and is consistently rated 4.5 stars on the app store.

FoodSwitch uses an innovative crowdsourcing system to gather detailed food product data worldwide, so that when users scan products with the app, nutritional information is instantly available.
The key to building a platform as large as Foodswitch lies in a powerful global server solution. The system includes OCR (optical character recognition) technology, and self-learning AI designed for pattern detection and automatic data mining.
With The George Institute, Buzinga developed a sophisticated 3-dimensional data warehouse module for the TGI Food Database, tapping into the ‘big data’ revolution to capture a tremendous amount of useful data in order to build a truly disruptive product.

Foodswitch is now available in 6 countries, with plans to tackle U.S. health market.

After a successful launch in Australia, Buzinga continues to work with The George Institute to support Foodswitch’s international expansion.
Foodswitch is now available in New Zealand, India, China, UK and South Africa, with a US launch imminent.
Later updates have included a website, iPad and tablet applications, as well as ongoing updates to Android and iPhone mobile applications.

Chantelle’s Story

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Chantelle from Fat Mum Slim talks to us about her life long battle with her weight and how she is using Foodswitch to help her family make healthier food choices.

Nicole Livingstone

Nicole Livingstone

Foodswitch Ambassador, Olympian and Mum

“As parents, we all want our kids to eat well. however, up until now, it hasn’t been easy to get help in a simple way that lets you make informed food choices for your family.
The best part of the FoodSwitch app is that it takes the guess work out of shopping by arming Australians with options for healthier products to purchase.”

To learn more about how Foodswitch is de-bunking the packaged food industry, check out the vid below.

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