We have all played free-throw games and enjoyed them…but this isn’t just another free-throw game. This is the Extreme Basketball Tour.

Extreme Basketball Tour is available on the App Store NOW

Taking shots from long distances. Let me rephrase that: Taking shots from RIDICULOUS distances at hoops attached to famous landmarks. I’ts like sightseeing whilst playing the most epic and extreme basketball game ever.

It’s an international tour and the player takes the place of an anonymous basketballer with a hell-of-a-throwing-arm!

XBT – Extreme Basketball Tour has been labelled as “the iOS Basketball Game of the Year 2013.”

Are you ready to shoot some hoops?

So what makes this game so unique? XBT – Extreme Basketball Tour uses a number of different sprite-sheet animations for character movements. I mean the ball itself is made up of 25 different still-images and when run in sequence gives the illusion that the ball is spinning in the air.

Using a physics editor tool and cocos2D SDK, we developed the wind component through trial and error to find the perfect formula for some really good gameplay!

Extreme Basketball Tour is available on the App Store NOW

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Mobile app developer developed the greatest iOS game of year 2013

This is a game like no other!