Mobile App Developer brings back Tiggy Tag!

Tiggy-Tag is the biggest game of tag in the world…GLOBAL Tag!

Because no one ever really grows up, we just end up getting jobs and become too busy to play Tag anymore. But Buzinga is bringing it back!

“Did someone say ‘Weapons’?”

Using an array of weapons, ranging from tennis balls, to water-balloons, shoes and much more, in this ios tag game you Tag the other contestants and collect points. All weapons differ in range. In other words, the Slingshot will fire much further than the shoe!

All players are ranked globally on a completely customised (built from scratch) web service to accommodate the hundreds of thousands (even millions) of players from all over the world.

Tiggy-Tag uses the geo-location service of your handset and triangulates your position to the nearest 10 metres and shares your position (not your personal details) with other players, whilst you are playing.

There are two versions of the game, a Free and a Paid version. The Paid version comes free of ads for a once off download fee of only $0.99!

Players can choose to play competitively, or socially among friends. It’s totally up to the individual.

“Get involved with the largest Tiggy Tag game in the world – GLOBAL SCALE!”

Scheduled to be released at the end of January 2013 on the iOS platform for iPhone and iPod Touch.

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