As per usual, in the world of app developers, when you want to be involved in something there is a 1000 page document you need to read that inhibits you from being able to take legal action against the other entity. Such is the case here as well.

Most app developers won’t read T’s & C’s. I take this sort of stuff pretty seriously and have made sure to read it all and however I haven’t seen anything alarming, however, again it always comes down to your own business and what you intend to do. So with that, I do recommend that every app developer who wants to develop iOS applications reads it, at least the latter parts.

Once you are satisfied with their terms and are happy to agree with it, click “I agree” to continue.

Now you’ll need to check your nominated email account for a verification email with a code in it. Grab that code and input the code on this page. Click “Continue”.


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