There are two major factors involved with the release of a mobile application.

  1. App Store Approval
  2. Marketing

It is important to do this right as not following the App Store guidelines can severely delay the approval on the App and as for marketing, well it doesn’t matter how good your smartphone application is, if no one knows about it.

Release – App Store Approval

release and marketingWhether you are releasing an app on the iTunes App Store (Apple) or the Google Play App Store (Android) you must follow their regulations and guidelines.

For example, Apple will not accept any broken links within the application, nor will they accept the use of the names of any other platform (Android, Windows, Blackberry, etc,) within the application.

Here’s the fun part: Each app store actually provide an App Store Guideline, which is like a thesis written in small print. Wait, it get’s better. There is a weekly update to this guideline. So even if you thought you knew the guideline inside-and-out, it is an infinitely complex, constantly evolving creature.

Knowing what the guidelines are on mobile app release is one thing, but predicting what they might become is another. And that in itself can mean the difference between “Approval” or “Decline” to the App Store.

Marketing Your Mobile Application

You can have the most wonderful application that ties your shoes for you, drives the kids to school and pours you a hot coffee twice a day… but if no one knows about it then it’s not of any use to anyone. And with the thousands of iPhone & Android apps that are being posted on the app store everyday, it’s easy to get lost among the other apps that no one sees or hears of. That’s why it’s important to market your application effectively.

The most effective marketing for mobile applications is to find out who the key influential people are in your industry. Enter the conversation and get them talking about your application. If required we can help you to develop a marketing strategy and implement it, pre and post launch.

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