Buzinga mobile app development create the first app that hold the patent for virtual giftingPRESi is the new and exciting virtual gifting app for iPhone!

We all have loved ones overseas or interstate. PRESi closes the gap and brings people together!

PRESi stands for Presents Received Electronically or Sent via the Internet and represents the concept of virtual gifting on mobile telecommunication Founded on 5 April 2012 in Sydney, Australia, PRESi is an innovative company lead by Founder and PRESident Grant Collins.

With skills drawn from all corners of Australia, Grant partnered with us here at our Melbourne based Mobile App Developmet team. PRESi has made the dream of Virtual Gifting into a Reality, and we think that’s pretty cool.

PRESi was coded in Objective C (native iOS language) and uses seamless animation sequences (cloth dynamics) throughout the use of the application. Which is essentially what creates the PRESi Experience!

Did we mention it’s free?

PRESi is scheduled to be in the middle of 2013. Keep posted by subscribing to our blog!

Visit the PRESi website.

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