Buzinga provides professional Australian App Development in Melbourne & Sydney. We develop apps for smart start ups and industry leading companies. With extensive experience in development across all major platforms including Android app development, iphone application development, Windows and Blackberry, we are proud to be working with some of Australia’s fastest growing and listed companies.

When looking for a software developer partner you need to consider three factors:

  • Cost
  • Speed
  • Quality

First off, the speed of delivery of the final product, and the ability to stick to tight deadlines. Secondly the quality of which you require for your product. Certain projects are further down the line of product validation and need high quality development. Lastly, cost is the factor of how much you have budgeted to develop your application.e

In many cases you can have two of the above, but not all three.

E.g.: you may need the application delivered within a tight deadline, which means more people are working on your product to make up the time. And you still need the quality to be outstanding. Therefore the price could be significantly higher.

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